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Latest update on the Italian Cinema Legislation

Latest update on the Italian Cinema Legislation

On July 15th 2015, two new decrees implementing Cinema Law (D.Lgs. 28/2004) – which regulate public support for the film industry in Italy – have been published. The effectiveness of these new provisions is conditioned by the achievement of the process of improvement, already started by the competent authorities, and expected in the following months:

- Ministerial Decree regarding the "Support for Film Production and Distribution"

- Ministerial Decree on "Procedures and Arrangements for the Assessment and Recognition of Cultural Interest of Cinematographic Works"

These decrees are part of the Italian policy aimed at encouraging the Italian film and audiovisual industry and it has the purpose of redefining the technical arrangements of the support to the films’ production and distribution, both in terms of form and content. Moreover the decrees act to significantly improve the functioning, the effectiveness and the 

transparency of all the procedures related to the public support for the film industry.

The same objectives have also characterized the drafting of the Ministerial Decree - published on August 7th 2015 – that define the kind of movies which may receive the status of films of cultural interest and the types of films that would require the application of the criteria of the quality of the artistic contribution of the director and the screenwriter and all other parameters required by Cinema Law, for the financial year 2015.

This Decree also establishes the allocation for the financial year 2015 of the Fund for the production, distribution, exhibition and technical industries, allocated in EUR 25,350,000.00, in these terms:

- For feature films that have received the status of cultural interest: EUR 15,000,000.00;

- For feature films and short films made by young directors: EUR 6,000,000.00;

- For short films not made by young authors: EUR 900,000.00;

- For the first and second films made by young authors not: EUR 3,000,000.00;

- For the development of original screenplays: EUR 450,000.00.