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The Digital Chart of the IAP is now available online

The Digital Chart of the IAP is now available online

section dedicated completely to digital communication is now available on the website of the Italian Advertising Self-Regulation Institute. 

The following excerpt was published on the IAP website www.iap.it:

Regarding the launch of the IAP “Digital Chart”

Currently on the IAP website, a new section entitled “digital chart” offers an overview of the most common forms of marketing communication on the internet and in the digital world in general.  In particular, the section addresses the theme of “recognition” of promotional content within a complex system of interactivity where news, opinions and content of a promotional nature all coexist.  

Obviously, this section deals with a fundamental theme that aims to preserve the trusting relationship that must always exist between advertisers and web users.  This trusting relationship must remain intact in order for marketing communication to be effective.  

The Institute monitors and intervenes, and has already for some time, over matters of digital marketing communication, evaluating fairness through the IAP code and its control mechanisms.  Starting in Dec. 2015, the Institute can also intervene in matters of OBA or “online behavioral advertising.”

The Digital Chart provides concrete examples of some of the most common forms of digital marketing communication, such as: endorsements, native advertising, sponsored posts on social networks, sites of content sharing, in-app advertising and advergames.

Soon the “Digital Chart” will be able to constitute a strong starting point from which to delineate operational guidelines that can make the process more feasible for operators to apply the code to new forms of digital communication.