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Milalegal for "Italy In A Day" by G. Salvatores

Milalegal for "Italy In A Day" by G. Salvatores

From the end of 2012 until  January 2014, Elisabetta Mina and the Copyright Team assisted INDIANA PRODUCTION COMPANY S.r.l., an Italian film production company, in the acquisition of the rights for the Italian territory and other countries including Israel and Germany, for the remake of the film entitled “Life in a Day”, directed by Kevin Macdonald and co- produced by Ridley Scott and YOU TUBE, based on user generated videos uploaded on an a You Tube’s internet platform.

The Firm assisted the client in the negotiations and drafting of all agreements concerning the pre-production, production and co-production with RAI CINEMA and the financing of the Italian feature length film directed by Gabriele Salvatores entitled “Italy in a Day” (selected amount the out of competition movies at the 2014 Venice Film Festival).